Nellia Fleurova-Charlton

IMG_1914Hailing from snowy landscape of Russian winter, Nellia is Yoga student and educator with a heavy dose of neuroscience background. While studying Neurophysiology at UCSD, she began her Yoga journey in 2004 and has not stopped ever since. She received her 200-Hr RYT in Hatha Yoga in 2013 from Austin, TX while keeping her day job as a Neurophysiologist. Now Nellia is dedicating full time to her life work of being a teacher and a student of Yoga. She utilizes her background and life experience creating a balanced, safe and heart opening practice. She continues her study with Michelle Hackett and Sarah Clark.

Nellia believes that Yoga is a fundamental tool for deepening understanding and connection with oneself and through it, the world around. In her practice she experienced not only physical benefits but the incredible power of yoga to breathe life into far corners of our emotional body that have been neglected. Nellia wants to share her experience with everyone . She stands by philosophy that interconnectedness between heart and mind, science and yoga, dark and light is the driving force behind wholehearted, present living in our community.